10 Tips to Save Money While Using Your Air Conditioner

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During the hot summer months, few things are better than stepping inside a comfortable, cool home. Air conditioning can not only make you feel more comfortable during the summer, but it can also protect you from dangerously high temperatures and enabling you to sleep better at night. If you live in an area that receives

How Constant Heat Affects Air Conditioning Units

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In the hot summer months, your air conditioner is an absolute necessity to keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy from the brutal outdoor temperatures. In some climates, not having a working air conditioner in the summer can pose health risks and at times be fatal. Thousands of people, especially the elderly, die each year from

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

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For most homeowners, it is only natural to associate your air conditioning with the cold. The air simply cools as it is blowing over magical ice crystals and releases into your home, right? Not exactly. The science behind how cooling units is actually very technical. When heat is removed, it is the remaining air that

Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips

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Your home’s HVAC unit is typically a hidden item that keeps you comfortable year-round in both the cold and heat, though it may rarely be considered when it is working smoothly. Indeed, the only consideration your unit likely receives is when it breaks down, or when you receive your monthly energy bill. However, there are

Types of HVAC Systems

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When it comes to HVAC systems, there are endless varieties to pick from—any building can reasonably be accommodated by one of the many types on the market today. Seemingly simple decisions can make a large difference in cost, whether it is the initial cost or your monthly energy bill. Serious consideration of your budget and

How to Maximize HVAC Efficiency and Energy Usage

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When it comes to HVAC systems, HVAC efficiency is a major factor that dictates buying, HVAC repair, and maintenance. An energy efficient HVAC boasts a long list of advantages, both for you and for the world around you. In general, efficient systems help preserve the quality of the environment, and help to reduce the release

How Does A Commercial Heating System Work?

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A commercial heating system is an integral part of any business—yet perhaps one that is frequently overlooked by many business owners, or customers, for that matter. The type of the building and the type of system are major factors when it comes to differentiating between commercial heaters. Large and small buildings have different needs that

Why Professional HVAC Repair is Important (Instead of DIY Fixes)

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Many homeowners, when faced with a household problem or a faulty appliance, are apt to resort to Google or another search engine in order to repair household problems themselves. And many household problems, like a broken chair, leaky faucet, or clogged toilet, are definitely conducive to an amateur repairing the problem rather than calling a

The Importance of Wine Cooler Maintenance

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There’s nothing more satisfying on a warm summer day than a cool, refreshing glass of white wine—particularly one that has been chilled to perfection with the help of a properly functioning wine cooler. The benefits of utilizing a wine cooler are undeniable for wine lovers—they are engineered specifically to store wine in a more efficient

How Long Does An HVAC Unit Last?

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If you’re having a new HVAC unit fitted, you’ll want to know how long you should expect it to last for. After all, you’ll need to know when to start keeping an eye on it, in case the unit needs replacing. How long should you expect your HVAC Unit to last for? Read this guide to